Let no one say that George Clooney can do no wrong, as evidenced by this slightly off-tune cover of Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline,' performed by the duo with help from a (possibly inebriated) audience at the Carousel of Hope Ball this weekend.

The event, which raised $2.5 million for the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, had Clooney as its Brass Ring Award winner for humanitarian efforts -- but Diamond didn't pass up the opportunity to embarrass him anyway. Or rather, let him royally embarrass himself with his monotone “bah bah bah” and “so good, so good” during the chorus.

Thankfully -- or maybe not so thankfully -- he got an assist from the crowd, which seemed to enjoy the spectacle. Because there's nothing like a room full of rich people yelling along to one of the whitest songs in history to lend a little perspective to your life.

Given how perfect he otherwise seems to be, Clooney's painful rendition of the classic wedding and sports-event sing-along (which Diamond says he wrote about Caroline Kennedy) may at least give Americans a good dose of schadenfreude.

George Clooney: He's human, too. Albeit slightly tone deaf.

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