The internet collectively lost its ish today as talk show host and 'Finding Nemo' voice artist Ellen DeGeneres announced on Instagram and on 'Ellen' that she would be reprising her role in a 'Nemo' sequel titled 'Finding Dory.'

DeGeneres adorably shared the news by first recounting her adventure to find 42 Wallaby Way while she was in Sydney, Australia last week -- an address that, much to her chagrin, was fictional.

After playing a montage of her one-woman campaign to get a 'Finding Nemo' sequel made, and a series of jokes about Pixar's 8,000 other sequels, she finally announced the big news: If you beg hard enough on national TV, all your dreams will come true.

Ellen also took to Instagram with a photo teasing the film's title and the caption, "It's official."

According to Vulture, the new movie "will center on the hilarious, forgetful Dory being reunited with her family" and "will take place along the California coastline about a year after the end of 'Nemo.'"

The film is set to drop on November 25, 2015, after which Pixar's bank accounts will likely burst at the seams.

Comedy Central had the best commentary about that:

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