It's no secret that Lil Twist loves weed -- and that he may have spread that love to his BFF and the water to his sponge, Justin Bieber. But it is a little surprising how stupid this guy can be.

Case in point? He drove Bieber's chromed out Fisker Karma, the most conspicuous car on the road anywhere, while smoking blunts and speeding at the same time.

TMZ reports that Twist -- real name Christopher Lynn Moore -- had a lit blunt in the car when he was pulled over for speeding in the wee hours of Wednesday morning (July 11) in Bieber's Calabasas, Calif. neighborhood.

Twist, 20, was taken to the local police station and booked for a DUI. This isn't the first time he's gotten pulled over for an infraction in one of Bieber's vehicles; he also banged the Fisker Karma up in a liquor store parking lot despite being too young to buy anything there.

Bro, don't you know that if you have bodies in the trunk (or joints in the console) to go the speed limit? And Bieber, don't you know that you can say no to these idiots?

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