Today (April 23), some celebrity tweeters reacted to France joining the ranks of countries with marriage equality, David Spade lamented Justin Bieber's newfound cigarette ineligibility, and Mara Wilson taught us the ideal way to eat a Girl Scout Cookie.

First up, France's "marriage for all" law was approved by the National Assembly after months of fierce debate. Mia Farrow weighed in to celebrate the occasion:


Bravo's Andy Cohen was also elated:


As was actress Sophia Bush:


In other news, the Associated Press' official twitter account was hacked this afternoon. Chloe Grace Moretz's account, however, was not:


Good to know, Chloe.

As she was acting freaky, funnyman David Spade was looking out for Justin Bieber (of all people) when he expressed concern that the Biebs could engage in fierce Twitter wars and spit on neighbors -- but possibly not light up in New York much longer.


Lastly, we were treated to the ever-delightful writer Mara Wilson, who gave us the lowdown on which Girl Scout Cookies belong in your freezer and which ones don't.