Not long ago, teen bride Courtney Stodden introduced us to Courtina, her imaginary (and possibly Latina) sister, via her YouTube channel. Today? A half-sister emerges.

Half-sister. Fully insane.

The video features Stodden as rocker "Courtland" in a black wig and fishnets against a white bedsheet (very metal), explaining why she hates her half-sister.

She derides Courtney as a "slut," calls husband Doug Hutchinson an "old, washed up, D-list" actor and laments her lack of genuine body parts. All while channeling Otto from 'The Simpsons.'

We have to wonder who gets more attention at the family reunion. Is it Courtney, constantly dropping utensils just so she can pick them up? Is it Courtina, coaching everyone in Spanglish? Or is it Courtland, making everyone wish cyanide pills were more widely available?

Either way, this video will make a nice addition to our "scary things to show children when you're mad at them" list.

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