When teen bride Courtney Stodden isn't starring in bad music videos produced by her mid-life-crisis husband Doug Hutchison, she films other videos featuring her imaginary long lost (and possibly Latina) sister Courtina. We wouldn't expect anything less.

Warning: Courtney Stodden contains chemicals known by the state of California to cause cancer.

The video, which Stodden filmed in her bathroom and posted on Feb. 17, features the artificially-enhanced blonde in a brunette wig as Courtina, telling the story of how she was reunited with her sister Courtney after stumbling across her in a magazine at the grocery store. (Here's your new commercial, Ancestry.com!)

Wonder at which ethnicity Courtney is trying to portray. Boggle at the ever-shifting accent. Question whether making her dog star in this is animal abuse. Ponder “is it racist?” Finally, banish everything you've seen to the far reaches of your mind where you will never be able to access it again.

Pretty sure this is the stuff aneurysms are made of.

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