As 14-year-old 'Modern Family' star Ariel Winter's mama-drama weren't bad enough, now she's getting advice about older men from a true connoisseur of such things: creepy child-bride Courtney Stodden.

Winter's mother lost guardianship last week due to allegations of abuse, which she claims stemmed from the fact that she filed charges against Winter's 18-year-old boyfriend. After she lost custody, of course.

A reporter felt that Stodden, who married her 51-year-old husband Doug Hutchison when she was just 16, would have an opinion on the recent scandal, specifically the comparatively wee four-year age gap between Winter and her alleged boyfriend. Because four years and 35 years are exactly the same thing.

Not that a confused Stodden knew what the reporter was talking about, anyway. When asked for her thoughts on Winter's recent situation, she intelligently responded, “Whaaat? I don't know Aria ... Who?”

Thankfully, bystanders were able to explain the situation with words small enough for Stodden to understand and maybe using some crayons to draw a sketch or two. Afterwards, Courtney said, “No way? I think that's awesome! As long as they're in love I think it's awesome ... And get married!”

You heard her, Ariel: Put a ring on it. Because according to the adverb-challenged Stodden, being an underage bride married to an older man “feels wonderfully."

Stodden then proceeded to heave her bosom, stumble about and giggle like the caricature of a human being she is -- and hopefully never be asked her opinion about anything ever again.

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