After finding out its parents were attentionwhore Kim Kardashian and self-possessed rapper Kanye West, the Kimye-created fetus was so distraught that it burst out of its amniotic prison and ran away to greener pastures -- placenta and all.

At least according to a twisted and hilarious hypothetical presented by Conan O'Brien. And man, we wish we'd been in the writer's room when they came up with THIS.

As O'Brien explained on 'Conan,' a manhunt was underway after the “most famous unborn baby in the world” made a run for it, stole a police car and finally made its way via motorcycle to the late night show's studio.

Along the way, the fetus was spotted alongside a road in Nebraska, clinging to a freight train in Iowa, perusing Mount Rushmore, on the International Space Station, and hanging out (literally) at President Obama's inauguration ceremony. And after the Secret Service gave chase, the Kimye Babye escaped by using its placenta as a parachuting device.

All this doesn't even include his (Conan decided it's a boy, by the way) appearance on a motorboat that said placenta was driving whilst sporting a jaunty yachting hat. As you do.

Sorry, Human Centipede Menorah. You have officially been topped as the funniest and most ridiculous scenario ever.