After Justin Bieber angered everyone (well, almost everyone) by hoping that teenage holocaust victim Anne Frank would have been a Belieber, the writing staff at 'Conan' decided to imagine what it would be like if the tween sensation wrote messages to other historical figures.

Watch out, Joan of Arc, Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr. -- faux-Justin Bieber is about to be insensitive, and you're the targets.

The sketch features Bieber's account sending out fake missives like, "Thinking a lot about Joan of Arc lately, a 19-year old hero who was burned at the stake. I'm 19 too, and my career is also on fire."

If you suspend your disbelief and assume Bieber knows who Joan of Arc is (and understands proper grammar, which is debatable), it's all pretty hilarious.

Kindly take note of the ridiculous use of hashtags -- including #Jesus, #me, and #racism -- and the way fake-Justin promotes his discography. Now available on iTunes.