The Feb. 24 Oscars were full of two things: beards and hair. The latter of which swept the behind-the-scenes categories with 'Life of Pi' cinematographer Claudio Miranda showing off his long white locks up on stage like Saruman the White (played by Christopher Lee) in the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy.

We wonder if he used his wizard powers to bring the partially animated Ted to life or if that was just a really talented baby in there. Unlike Saruman, Miranda uses his power for good.

Miranda's hair was just one of many long coifs of the evening, with sound editor Paul N. J. Ottosson for 'Zero Dark Thirty' whipping his strawberry blond hair back and forth and the duo of Per Hallberg and Karen Baker Landers winning the best Rapunzel impression for their work in 'Skyfall.'

While beards and long hair (and in one case, bright pink leggings) certainly took the awards, we don't expect to see wizard capes come into fashion anytime soon. Unless situations in '30 Rock' become real life.

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