Ethan Hawke is apparently a big Sugar Ray fan, as the actor is desperately trying to emulate the late '90s look of frontman Mark McGrath, bleach-blond tips and all. It's okay though, Tamagotchi is making a comeback, so maybe he knows something we don't.

The truth is, Hawke's tortured new look (complete with guy-liner) is the result of a theatre role in which he plays a grungy rocker type. Apparently he was going for a "Bowie thing" that went horribly awry, unless he thinks David Bowie and Billy Idol are the same person.

Mark McGrath, on the other hand, looks like this on purpose. Which is to be expected based on his band's 1997 hit single 'Fly,' whose lyrics you no doubt know by heart.

Is it stuck in your head right now just because we reminded you it exists? Excellent. Welcome to our nightmare.

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