Leonardo DiCaprio

Monkey Business
The new 'Wolf of Wall Street' trailer is full of ... well, everything. Including but not limited to Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill acting like tools, Matthew McConnaughey acting like a crazy tool, and enough primates, cash and scantily-clad ladies to make anyone want to see this movie. Oh, and for the 'Jackass' loving crowd, they even throw around a little person. (Seriously.)
Model Citizen
Leonardo Dicaprio switches out Victoria's Secret models the way most of us lowly peasants switch out socks. (You guys do that once every few weeks, right?) Well, it's about that time, so he's now hooked up with German bombshell Toni Garrn.
Leo's Good Deed
Amidst the decadence of the release of his film 'The Great Gatsby,' Leonardo DiCaprio is making good on his promise to help endangered animals and the environment, raising $38.8 million at a recent auction to benefit his charity. Maybe this is why the ladies love him so much.
Wait, What?
'Great Gatbsy' star Leonardo Dicaprio, his co-star Tobey Maguire, Leo's 'Wolf of Wall Street' co-star Jonah Hill, and Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose went out for a night out on the town Monday evening (April 29). One of these things is not like the others.
St. Leo
Leonardo DiCaprio, who's already a known do-gooder, gave Santa yet another reason to put him on the "nice" list this year -- the actor donated more than 60 large in support of gay rights at the GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday (April 20).
Photo of the Week
Leonardo DiCaprio may be taking a break from acting -- but that doesn't mean he's taken a break from acting like Jack Nicholson. DiCaprio co-starred along Nicholson in 2006's 'The Departed' (in which more people die than a 'Game of Thrones' episode), but this is the first time we're seeing his uber-expressive eyebrows inspired by the veteran actor. Which begs the question ... why do all the best s
King of the World Wildlife Fund
In addition to allegedly bragging about how amazing he is, Leonardo DiCaprio is using his break from acting for good and not evil: to save animals being harvested for their parts. Specifically, rhinos and tigers and elephants (oh my!) by partnering with the World Wildlife Federation for its Hands Off My Parts campaign. And really, if anyone's going to be involved in an initiative called Hands Off
Object of Envy
Leonardo DiCaprio recently had dinner in New York with his friend/fellow actor Kevin Connolly and 12 women (because 13 would've just been silly) and allegedly spent the entire time bragging about how everyone else is just dying to spend a day in his shoes.
Storybook Bromance
Turn your umbrellas upside down, ladies. In what can only be described as the best guys' night out ever, Gerard Butler, Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper made it rain at a club in Miami.
Golden Ticket
Being surrounded by beautiful women is pretty much in Leonardo DiCaprio's job description these days, so it was nice of him to share the wealth with his 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and 'Django Unchained' co-star Jonah Hill. DiCaprio invited Hill to join him and a bevy of beauties on a yacht, and because Jonah's not an idiot, he accepted. And then likely had trouble keeping his mouth closed the whole
Leo Loves Colonics
Leonardo DiCaprio might have a s---eating grin on his face in this photo, but it's not from eating it. It's from rinsing it out. The Scorsese darling is, indeed, a fan of colonics. Who doesn't love water jetting up their behinds?
That’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s Crib
The Malibu mansion in question is owned by none other than serial modelizer Leonardo DiCaprio, who recently kicked his girlfriend, Victoria's Secret stunner Erin Heatherton, to the curb just because he could. His beach-side digs are supposedly for sale to enable him to spend more time in his NYC penthouse...
Model Citizen
It's so hard dating perfect 10s when all your heart wants are 11s. At 37, serial modelizer Leonardo DiCaprio just can't seem to find the right catwalker to fit his needs, and the latest one to get the heave-ho is 23-year-old Victoria Secret beauty Erin Heatherton.