Earlier this year, 'Girls' creator and star Lena Dunham shopped around a proposal for a collection of essays and advice directed at 20-something females in a post-recession world and everyone threw cash at the newest indie darling to get their hands on it.

But it seems Dunham wants to keep every bit of her not-yet-written tome to herself, including 12 one-sentence quotes from the aforementioned proposal -- and now she's gotten the lawyers involved.

Gawker somehow obtained Dunham's illustrated 66-page proposal to Random House, which garnered her a $3.7 million book deal, and posted the proposal in its entirety.

That didn't go over so well in the Land O' Dunham, because her attorney Charles Harder demanded its removal.

The website complied, leaving only 12 snippets behind to provide some context to the original article, but Hardner came back and demanded those quotes be banished as well. Note: Random House wasn't involved in this -- just Dunham's own legal team.

In response, Gawker amended each quote with commentary that begins thusly

“Update: Lena Dunham's personal litigation counsel Charles Harder has contacted Gawker to relay a demand from his client, Lena Dunham, that we remove the above quote from our website. In order to clarify our intent in quoting the above matter from Dunham's proposal, we have decided to append the following commentary: The quoted sentence ...”

For example, the “sentence” (because we can't even call it a real sentence) from Dunham's proposal reads, “At 24 I felt like an old maid...” which is followed by the above addition and sassy Gawker commentary like, “The quoted sentence demonstrates an oblivious cluelessness about time and its passage.”

'Girls' is smart and witty and focuses on what it's like to be a cynical young woman who's yet to find her place in the world. That said, it's not groundbreaking anywhere other than in Hollywood, which is always surprised to learn women - especially younger ones - can actually be, you know, smart and witty.

Regardless, it's since become a vehicle for Dunham's career (and an excuse for her to get naked on television and make out with a bunch of dudes, but we digress).

Unfortunately, it's also apparently transformed Dunham from a down-to-earth girl with a propensity for humorous self-deprecation to someone whose newfound self-importance makes her unleash lawyers over 12 sentences about a book that hasn't even been written yet.

Damn, lady. Pump the brakes already.

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