NBC may not have its fingers on the pulse of its audience, but the network does know how to make fans’ blood boil: Avoid airing the anticipated premiere of a beloved show like 'Community' for no good reason.

And the cast is now weighing in.

In this video, Troy and Abed and the rest of the 'Community' denizens disappoint viewers by announcing that the premiere of the cult comedy is being held indefinitely -- because it seems that while the "powers that be" originally agreed it should air on Oct. 19, “they couldn’t decide where to put Oct. 19th.”

“Oct. 19th isn’t just a date, it’s a state of mind,” they wryly explain.

The guys then try to define the nebulous day on the calendar using examples like, “Whenever a kitten tries to crawl into a cardboard box on YouTube, that’s Oct. 19.″

The bottom line: "Any day can be Oct. 19th, and while this move seems illogical, just trust us that the minds behind this shift know exactly what they’re doing.”

But since the suits at NBC recently chose to replace the canceled 'Animal Practice' with the highly questionable 'Whitney' instead of bringing 'Community' back, you'll excuse us if we have our doubts.

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