Pint-sized actress Ellen Page is none too happy about the similarities between herself and a character in the video game 'The Last of Us,' especially since she didn't give the company permission to use her likeness.

Ellen Page is best known as that pregnant teenager in 'Juno' and as (the most recent) Kitty Pryde in the 'X-Men' films. She also recently lent her voice and her body -- via motion capture suit -- to the video game 'Beyond: Two Souls,' which is why everyone thinks it's plausible she could have done the same for 'The Last of Us.'

"I guess I should be flattered that they ripped off my likeness," said Page during a Reddit Ask Me Anything event. "But I am actually acting in a video game called 'Beyond: Two Souls,' so it was not appreciated."

Ellie, who is not Page despite looking like her, is a teenager on a road-trip in a 2033 post-apocalyptic America. The character originally looked less like Page but was later altered to resemble actress Ashley Johnson, who voices Ellie in the game -- and whom we assume is also an adorably wee brunette.

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