Broadway belters turned small screen stars Idina Menzel and Lea Michele have a lot more in common than dual rises to fame via the Great White Way. They also seem to share the same face.

The pair looks so much alike that Menzel, 41, was cast as the 26-year-old Michele's biological mother on 'Glee.' (And lest you think the storyline called for Idina to have given birth at just 15, remember we're all supposed to believe Lea is still a teenager. Shhhh. It's a secret.)

During Menzel's stint on the show, no duet opportunity was missed. Except maybe that strange slow ballad version of Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face.' Weirdest mother/daughter song ever.

But the ladies' connection goes back even further -- before Menzel was even cast on 'Glee,' Michele sang her song 'Defying Gravity' from the Broadway show 'Wicked,' where her TV mom won a Tony for originating the role of green-skinned witch Elphaba.

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