Technology is a tricky thing, and it's apparently made it easier to accidentally share naked photos of yourself with the world -- in this case not because someone stole them, but because you inadvertently posted them yourself. Whoops.

Within this list, you will find some not very tech-savvy celebs who shared their privates with the world, either by accidentally posting them to social media or by not realizing that they should probably have cropped their snaps a little better.

It's happened to the best of us. Just not more than once. Or on such a public scale.

Warning: Links out to other sites are most likely very not safe for work due to all the nudity.

  • AnnaLynne McCord

    '90210' star AnnaLynne McCord was just trying to cheer up a Twitter follower having a bad day when she accidentally posted a photo of herself which included a clear shot of her nipple. You know, like you do. McCord took the whole thing in stride, admitting, "I’m a human being and we make mistakes. My only response to all these lovely people is, 'He who be without sin cast the first stone.' If you have never messed up or done anything wrong in your life, then please, feel free to judge me."

    Kevin Winter, Getty Images
  • Tori Spelling

    Poor Tori Spelling's breasts were shared on Twitter by her husband Dean McDermott back in 2011. Dean was posting a photo of his and Tori's son being adorable to the site but didn't realize that in the background was a straight, very clear shot of his wife's breasts. The offending snap was soon deleted once McDermott realized his snafu, but something tells us some therapy may be in the future for that little boy.

    Michael Buckner, Getty Images
  • Soulja Boy

    Holy man parts, Batman! Soulja Boy somehow posted his very well endowed penis on the micro-blogging site Tumblr last year. And as if that weren't embarrassing enough, the angle is from the bottom of the shaft up. Awkward. The post was taken down before it could be reblogged too much and instead replaced with the apology, "I apologize to ever seen that, accident." Which, if you know anything, you will know is not a real sentence.

    Mark Davis, Getty Images
  • Courtney Love

    Courtney Love was new to Twitter when she accidentally posted a semi-unflattering photo of herself lounging on a chair in the mostly nude, possibly half asleep which prompted her to immediately quit. After positing the snap, Love explained, "I’m off twitter. That photo was meant for a boy friend." Of course she's since rejoined the 140 character or less social media platform because it's so hard to stay away. Do they put crack in the tweets?

    Ethan Miller, Getty Images
  • Hayley Williams

    Hayley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore, accidentally shared a racy and sweaty photo of herself with her top pulled down on Twitter in 2010. A mistake which was named "Boobpocalypse" and earned Williams an additional 50,000 followers. She would later go on to claim her account was hacked, but she did have some humor about the whole thing, later telling fans, "Pretty much my day has consisted of folding and organizing clothes. You aren't gonna believe this ... but ... I have a whole lot of shirts."

    Rachel Murray, Getty Images
  • Alison Pill

    Alison Pill became a household name after tweeting a scandalous photo of herself topless that was probably meant for her fiance and not everyone on Twitter. At the time, Pill admitted, "Yep. That picture happened. Ugh. My tech issues have now reached new heights, apparently. How a deletion turned into a tweet … Apologies." She's still is able to laugh about it, explaining recently that it's all her Blackberry's fault. Also the fault of touchscreens everywhere.

    Jason Merritt, Getty Images
  • Jenny McCarthy

    Jenny McCarthy may have not put a nude selfie on the internet for all to see, but she may have done something worse by sending it to her son's dentist. After Evan woke up with an abscess her dentist asked her to send a snap of the issue, but McCarthy wrongly sent along a nude photo of herself instead. Don't you hate when that happens? The worst. Recalled the comedian turned mom of the incident, "The dentist is, like, 80 years old. I literally screamed at the top of my lungs."

    Ethan Miller, Getty Images
  • Marcus Jordan

    Michael Jordan's son Marcus found himself on our list when he accidentally tweeted out a photo of his penis to his 50,000 plus followers. Realizing what he did he quickly deleted the snap, apologizing with the tweet, "#mistake my bad." He later deleted that tweet as well claiming his account was hacked because the hacker obviously had a guilty conscience. Riiiiight.

    Theo Wargo, Getty Images
  • Shiri Appleby

    'Roswell' star Shiri Appleby tweeted out a super duper nude photo of herself going full frontal while gazing at herself in a mirror. We thought the photo would have caused more of a stir, because holy nudity! But some were weary of its purpose. Many were suspicious of the snap, seeing as Appleby had a topless appearance on the HBO show 'Girls' right before and it could have been a last bid to continue staying relevant after the appearance. Regardless of the intent: naked. So enjoy.

    Michael Buckner, Getty Images
  • Melissa George

    Rap mogul Russell Simmons made a mistake by posting topless photos of actress and then-girlfriend Melissa George on Twitpic for everyone to peruse. We guess this is what happens when your older beau wants to share with the world that he landed himself a cute younger lady ... which doesn't really make it okay. Of course, you can see the exact same thing on Australian television, but this is way more exciting and probably a whole lot easier to find.

    Larry Busacca, Getty Images