Tina Fey and Amy Poehler made us love them more with their joint Golden Globe hosting, leaving William Shatner to ponder during the opening of the 2013 Oscars, “Why can't we just get Tina and Amy to host this show? Why can't Tina and Amy just host everything?”
Haute Horror
In order to avoid a red carpet Hindenburg, Anne Hathaway abandoned her plans to wear a "pink embroidered tulle illusion gown" by Valentino to the 2013 Oscars, opting instead for a pale pink Prada column gown that clashed with her Tiffany necklace and made it look like her headlights were p…
Ever wondered what the Powerpuff Girls would look like in real life? Well, look no further than Barbra Streisand, Adele and Shirley Bassey, who -- after killing it at the Oscars -- hung out together at the Governor's Ball.
With their powers combined they are ... Captain Planet Diva!
One and Done
Seems like Oscar host Seth MacFarlane has already decided whether or not he'll take the gig again (assuming he's asked). The answer? A definitive "no."
Unlike multiple-time hosts Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Chevy Chase, Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg, MacFarla…
Practice, Practice
If you noticed that Anne Hathaway's Oscar acceptance speech was less full of fake breathless surprise and more full of thanks, that's because she practiced it again and again after taking criticism for her Golden Globes, SAG and BAFTA speeches.
And rightly so. The shock and awe wasn't…
Dad of the Year
Ben Affleck was snubbed for Best Director, but nabbed Best Picture for 'Argo' -- and his own daughter won an award of her own before the 2013 Oscars started.
Just before showtime, Affleck took his daughter, Violet, to a spelling bee.
Dude, we finally forgive you for 'Gigli.'
The Best + Worst of the 2013 Oscars
The day after the Oscars, everyone is a member of the Academy of Criticizing the Oscars and giving out -- or not giving out -- awards for everything and everyone that was part of the evening.
And we’re no different. We watched the show, took a little time, and now we have our opinions…
Vanity Fair Soiree
The stars hit the party circuit after the 2013 Oscars, and one popular destination this year (and every year) is the Vanity Fair party -- where newly-minted winners of the coveted golden gods like Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, Christoph Waltz and Daniel Day-Lewis showed off their ha…
Gentleman Jack
Yes, we know we're going on and on about Jennifer Lawrence, but deal. It's not our fault she had so many adorable moments on Sunday night.
In one of the best, ‘Good Morning America’ caught her being interview-bombed by screen legend Jack Nicholson -- and she reacted no…
Just a Crutch
The usually uncomfortable Kristen Stewart was even more uncomfortable at the Feb. 24 Oscars as she hobbled around the red carpet on crutches and limped out to present an award alongside Daniel Radcliffe.
No one knew the cause of Stewart's crutches -- except for Anne Hathaway, who took time out o…
Oh No They D'int
We expected well-known satirical news site the Onion to take some pot-shots during the 2013 Oscars, but we never expected them to refer to 9-year-old Best Actress nominee Quvenzhané Wallis as a not very nice word that, as the closing number joked, rhymes with Helen Hunt.
Oscars Best Dressed
The 2013 Oscars took place tonight (Feb. 24), with lighter colors dominating the landscape. Dresses of all shapes and sizes were found their way onto the red carpet this year.
Oscars Worst Dressed
The 2013 Oscars took place tonight (Feb. 24) in Hollywood and celebs, actors and actresses had their choice of dresses and designers. Unfortunately, some didn't choose so wisely.
Here's to the Losers
After a rather entertaining open to the 2013 Oscars, host Seth MacFarlane clearly didn’t want it to end with just the hurried list of sponsors and the usual “let’s get to your local news as quickly as possible even though we just sucked 4 hours of your life away” attitude of the closing.
How do we kn…
Ben's Best Picture
Michelle Obama and Jack Nicholson, who, aside from their awesomeness couldn't be more different, announced the winner for Best Picture at the 2013 Oscars -- and it was none other than 'Argo.'
And though he could have, Ben Affleck didn't rub anyone's nose in it. He's a mu…

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