Seems like Oscar host Seth MacFarlane has already decided whether or not he'll take the gig again (assuming he's asked). The answer? A definitive "no."

Unlike multiple-time hosts Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Chevy Chase, Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg, MacFarlane revealed that while he had loads of fun, this was a once in a lifetime deal.

When one of McFarlane's 3.8 million Twitter followers inquired about his chances of helming the ceremony again, here's what he said:

Viewers seemed to either love or hate MacFarlane's turn as host, with many whining about jokes they found sexist, seeped in misogyny or just downright tasteless. Specifically, any jokes revolving around John Wilkes Booth. Maybe in another 150 years.

Seth also received flack from the Anti-Defamation League for the bit with talking teddy bear Ted -- the group said the gag “perpetuated anti-Semitic stereotypes.” Because bears can totally be Jewish. (The fact that someone dressed in full-on Nazi regalia for a 30-years-too-late 'Sound of Music' joke was apparently totally cool, though.)

For the record, we thought MacFarlane was great, and we weren't alone. Forty million viewers tuned in to see him host this year, an increase over 2012's fete. What's more, the ratings saw a 19 percent increase in viewers aged 18-49 -- a segment over which advertisers drool.

The Oscars wanted those younger viewers, so they went with a hipper, edgier host. Sounds like he did exactly what he was hired to do.

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