Yes, we know we're going on and on about Jennifer Lawrence, but deal. It's not our fault she had so many adorable moments on Sunday night.

In one of the best, ‘Good Morning America’ caught her being interview-bombed by screen legend Jack Nicholson -- and she reacted not like an Oscar winner, but like anyone else would.

J. Law was sitting with anchor George Stephanopolous chatting about her win when Nicholson stopped by to say hi to George. He peeked around to see whose interview he was interrupting and Lawrence was clearly startled by her random celebrity encounter.

Then, as if she wasn't starstruck enough, Nicholson complimented her on her winning performance in ‘Silver Linings Playbook,’ to which she replied humbly, “I loved all your movies.”

Quick to recover her composure, she started to flirt with Nicholson when he complimented her looks, asking him if she looked like a new girl for him. His reply, “I thought about it.” At which point she turned to George in sincere, teenage shellshock and said, “Oh my god!” and then, “Is he still here?”

But don't worry -- Jack didn’t miss his moment to let Lawrence know he’d be waiting for her. Just to freak her out one more time.

The how-cute-is-she portion of the interview finishes up with Lawrence waving to Jennifer Garner, who’s trying to get her attention from across the room. She tells George how very nice Garner is and then says jokingly, “This is my life now. ‘Hey, Jack. Hey, Jennifer. How are you?’”

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