Ben Affleck was snubbed for Best Director, but nabbed Best Picture for 'Argo' -- and his own daughter won an award of her own before the 2013 Oscars started.

Just before showtime, Affleck took his daughter, Violet, to a spelling bee.

Dude, we finally forgive you for 'Gigli.'

“I was more nervous at the spelling bee than I am now, I don’t know what that says,” Affleck told Ryan Seacrest (via Radar Online).

“There [were] a lot of words. Let me tell you something, you and [I] might have been in trouble.”

Meanwhile, Garner, who wasn't nominated for anything but was on hand to support her hubby, described Sunday (Feb. 24) as "mayhem."

“Our daughter was in a spelling bee at the local rec center -- I was in hair and make-up so I couldn't take her, so Ben took her in the middle of everything. She won!" Garner gushed.

“Our family has already had a great day, so congratulations to our sweetie. And then she had a basketball game. Life goes on," she giggled. "No one really cares!”

Affleck, who thanked Garner and his tots during his acceptance speech, believed his beard (no, the literal kind) brought him good luck ... and immediately shaved it after the show.

TMZ reports that Affleck plugged his electric razor into a wall outside of the bathroom at his Oscars afterparty at Craig's restaurant and hacked away at his facial hair.

What's more, he actually let pals take turns to help.

Here's hoping he left a hefty tip for whoever had to clean that up. Maybe next time he can just use the same good luck charm he had at the DGAs.

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