Former country crooner and current tabloid magnet LeAnn Rimes recently got in a wee bit of trouble on Twitter for calling husband Eddie Cibrian's children “her boys” -- a comment that their actual mother, reality show star Brandi Glanville, didn't appreciate one little bit.

Quick, someone explain to LeAnn Rimes how babies work.

The trouble started when Rimes thought we needed to know she was going on a business trip along with her husband and his kids, and tweeted all about it:

Glanville -- whom, as you'll recall, was left in the dust when Cibrian divorced her for Rimes a few years ago -- saw the message and passively-aggressively responded:

Before this online altercation, Rimes posted a video of one of the kids riding a bicycle -- without a helmet. Glanville's response was to again whine about it cryptically on Twitter:

Sounds like both parties need to do a little less e-stalking and a little more parenting or step-parenting or what have you. But since Rimes has a particular love/hate relationship with Twitter, maybe Glanville felt posting missives there was the best way to get her attention.

And it certainly seemed to -- LeAnn's posts in the hours afterwards included her own passive-aggressive messages about negative attitudes and how hard it is to be a step-mom and how lucky she feels for the "amazing positivity and positive people in my life."

Regardless, she needs to get her act together before bringing any marriage-fixing babies of her own into the world.

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