Just days after debuting a pixie cut, Beyonce now has a new bob. Which means she either has magical hair-growing powers, or -- as we predicted -- she's gotten herself a new weave.

When Queen B showed off super-short hair on Instagram last week, it sparked an absolute online frenzy -- some gnashed their teeth and wondered why she'd do it, while others praised her bravery. But most of us were more like, "nice wig," or "oh, guess it was time for new extensions."

So after living with the chop for a minute, she's unsurprisingly decided to go with something a bit longer. Wearing cutoff denim shorts and a white tank that cheekily read NAME BRAND, she showed off a graduated blonde bob that's longer in the front and shorter in the back (a reverse mullet, if you will) while having lunch with hubs Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy in Miami yesterday.

The gold headband was a little Nicole Richie for our taste, but never mind that. What we're really worried about are all those girls who, in a fit of Beyhive-pride, ran out and chopped off all their hair last week -- clearly not understanding that while Beyonce's cut wasn't permanent, theirs most certainly would be.

Hey, we tried to warn you.

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