Beyonce took time out of her busy schedule to promote World Humanitarian Day this week by doing an interview with the adorable Kid President.

For those of who don't know, Kid President was the creation of the Freed-Hardeman University Office of Marketing and University Relations to promote a benefit dinner with  Condoleezza Rice, but he exploded into a viral sensation with his videos urging people to be more awesome and eat cupcakes.

He currently makes videos for the YouTube channel Soul Pancake, founded by Rainn Wilson, and has even filmed several shorts in conjunction with President Barack Obama and the White House.

Decked out in his trademark suit and tie, a flustered and excited Kid President interviewed Beyonce (see above), asking her about encouragement and changing the world ... and also if they're BFFs. He did such a great job that he even got a kiss for his efforts. Perfection!

You can also check out the original video of Kid President enticing Beyonce to meet him through song and dinosaur chicken nuggets below.

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