Justin Bieber may be a problem client for Scooter Braun, but he's a darn good son to his actual parents. Case in point? He and his baby mustache flew home to Canada from New York Fashion Week to be with his father, Jeremy Bieber, for surgery.

Jeremy tweeted thanking his son for being by his side during the procedure, which was for his knee -- not anything too scary, but still, surgery is surgery!

The move also further proves that Jeremy wasn't a deadbeat dad like many assumed. While Bieber's mom Pattie Mallette had primary custody, Mallette herself has said that Jeremy has been there for Justin since the 'Baby' singer was, well, a baby.

The Biebers are a close-knit clan, and we're so glad that Justin is so dedicated to his parents. He's a good kid underneath all that swag.

You can check out Jeremy's sweet tweet below. Isn't your heart just a little bit warmer now?

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