Amanda Seyfried has played many roles, but Lindsay Lohan is not among them.

The 27-year-old 'Les Miserables' star touched down at Newark Airport in New Jersey when she was mistaken for LiLo - despite their differing hair colors and complexions - and tweeted:

Then Sarah Schechter, who's also in the industry, jokingly said this:

Amanda took it in stride, replying:

And when Schechter said Amanda's "bigger mistake" was flying into Newark, Amanda concurred:

Amanda and Lindsay may have starred together in the 2004 hit 'Mean Girls,' but their business and private lives have taken exact opposite paths since. Seyfried was recently heralded for her singing on the 'Les Mis' soundtrack, while Lindsay was recently accused of copping bracelets from a sitcom set.

Chin up, Amanda. We know who you are.

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