It's our favorite time! Specifically, "Amanda Bynes is a crazy person who doesn't understand how the internet works" time.

Yesterday (Feb. 6), the retired millionaire posted a very strange tweet with merely the words “Ugly face” and a photo of Jay-Z, which was sent directly to the rapper via his own Twitter account since he was tagged in the message.

The strange post was quickly deleted, but not before being preserved in the annals of internet history where all the best screen caps are saved and later revered.

Amanda Bynes Jay-Z Tweet

We call Amanda crazy around here a lot, but this may be her most insane act of all -- because if Beyonce gets wind of it, she's likely to put a beat-down on Bynes that would rival Muhammad Ali in his prime and give rise to the saying, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a Bey."

Anyway, no word on if the tweet itself was a result of Amanda's account being hacked or if she was just being her usual unhinged self -- but with a girl who celebrates New Year's with pictures of her rack and thinks losing vagina weight is hard, pretty much anything's possible.