Amanda Bynes is widely considered a hot mess, and her family is starting to catch on to it.

E! Online reports that following the bizarre blitz of publicity Bynes had following a request that rapper Drake "murder her vagina," Bynes' folks are finally starting to come to terms with the fact that she may be ill, not eccentric.

Bynes relocated from Los Angeles to New York City following her retirement from acting, and she hasn't done much since other than get in trouble: crashing cars, taking creepy pictures, talking to herself and inanimate objects, getting kicked out of her apartment for smoking pot and even being compared to Lindsay Lohan.

Now Bynes' relatives are asking her to come back to L.A. so they can keep an eye on her.

Bynes refuses, so now they're hoping for the best -- but a source says they're "ready to step in if needed."

If they've been getting "Amanda Bynes" Google Alerts at all for the past year, it looks glaringly obvious that they needed to step in long ago ... but apparently any of them relocating in order to do so is too much trouble.

Here's hoping it doesn't take something tragic to make them change their minds.