Back when Amanda Bynes was still an actress and not yet a retired millionaire, she was in a "movie" called 'She's the Man' based on the William Shakespeare play 'Twelfth Night.' In which she played a boy. It also stars a much younger Channing Tatum who plays her ... his ... her... love interest.

When Viola Hastings' school gets rid of the female soccer team and the misogynistic coach won't let her join the mens' team, she pretends to be her brother Sebastian to play on the rival school's soccer team instead. JUST LIKE IN 'TWELFTH NIGHT.' Except not.

Insert shenanigans here, there and everywhere. Then add in the plot of every movie where a girl pretends to be a boy and falls in love but can't express her feelings because she's supposed to be a man. 'Yentl,' 'Connie and Carla,' 'Victor/Victoria,' 'Mulan,' 'Ghostbusters.' You know, the usuals.