InTouch Magazine has gone ahead and printed its photos of Amanda Bynes milling around a dirty, pot-filled apartment with unkempt hobbit feet, and she isn't too happy about it.

So she's suing them. Again.

"I'm suing them! They f--ked with my photos!" Bynes tweeted Wednesday, May 22, after linking to the pictures. "That's not my bed! Those aren't my toes! My toes are pedicured!"

"I just did an exclusive interview with intouch last week, now they bought fake altered photos by that ugly black man in the photo or someone who knows him," Amanda posted to  (Sure. Blame the black guy.)

And she must have been talking to Alex Jones, because she soon broke out the conspiracy theories, accusing the magazine of doctoring the photos: "I have to sue because that's not my apartment, those aren't my clothes! They morphed photos of my face onto someone's body to ruin my life! I have to make a big deal of this and sue because that's not me!"

Bynsian Logic 101: If it looks like an Amanda Bynes and acts like an Amanda Bynes, it's ... not an Amanda Bynes.

She also slammed the mag for using a pre-nose job photo for their cover, taken "before [she] had surgery to reshape [her] profile and to remove the webbing from [her] eyes." (Sorry, eye-webbing fetishists.)

In the rambling -- as per usual -- post, she fluctuates wildly between talking about the cover photo, which she apparently no longer looks like, and the "faked" apartment photos.

"The photos in this issue are fake and mocked up! I don't care enough to keep talking about it," Bynes continued. "Just assume that I f--ked the boyfriend of the editor of intouch because they f--king hate me!"

But instead of attacking the editor, Amanda pointed the finger at senior reporter Jessica Finn, who filed the story.


She also directed some ire at her arch enemy Perez Hilton, tweeting: "The only thing sadder than your ugly face still writing stories about me is the fact that you think I'd even step foot in a room with that ugly faced black man."

And speaking of that "ugly faced" dude -- come to find out, he's the one who took many of the photos she says were doctored. And now he's bragging on Facebook about hanging out with Amanda. So maybe her claims of shenanigans aren't as crazy as they first appeared.

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