Apparently America's National League of Junior Cotillions is a thing. And it's a thing that judges you based on your manners. And it's a thing that has a thing for Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

The toothy twosome took home the title of Best Manners for the second year in a row. Seriously, does Selena Gomez run this?

The Toronto Sun reports that the NLJC national director Elizabeth Anne Winters was particularly impressed with Swift.

"(She inspires) young people with her music and her manners," Winters said in a statement. "We think that she conducts herself with such graciousness with her fans. Keeping her dignity and poise as she created the 'Red' album, and not really having anything that would sour her reputation."

To be fair, that could either be prudishness or good P.R. as much as fine manners, but to each her own.

Bieber nabbed the honor for "consistently showing courtesy to his many fans," which apparently negates wearing overalls to meet the Prime Minister and chucking water bottles at photographers. And maybe cheating on his girlfriend. (Just maybe, though.)

Other honorees included Daniel Radcliffe and Matt Damon.

Kate Middleton was honored in a big way for "the poise and dignity with which she conducts herself in the public spotlight," which is more than can be said for her brother-in-law.

Prince Harry was dubbed Most Ill-Mannered Person of 2012 for "disregarding his prestigious title and misbehaving in the public spotlight." In other words, for being interesting.