Kate Middleton and Prince William brought a brand new future king into the world, but don't go thinking that the name they chose -- George Alexander Louis -- is symbolic or anything. Or that they still use a town crier to announce things in England.

"Don't read into [the names] too much," a source close to the Duke and Duchess told Us Weekly, raining on everyone's parade. "They are not meant to be symbolic; they are just names the couple like."

Yes, so even though Queen Elizabeth's father (King George VI, born Albert Frederick Arthur George) and grandfather (George V) are both named George, Prince George is definitely not named after either of them.

Nor is his middle name Alexander a nod to William's godmother, Princess Alexandra, or to his grandmother's middle name (Queen Elizabeth II was born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary). And as for Louis? Well, it's pure coincidence that the prince's own father has the same middle name.

Alrighty then.

But while the baby's names and some other customs surrounding his birth were traditional, that official-looking town crier outside the hospital who announced the news off an old-fashioned scroll? Was there all on his own.

"I was not invited. I just crashed the party," Tony Appleton told Yahoo. "I got out of my cab and I stood in front of the steps, because I didn't think I would be allowed on them, and I did my bit. It was great."

"I can't believe it. I've opened up the newspapers and my face is all over them," he marveled, adding, "I love the royal family, I love them to bits. Have some more children! I'm waiting for the next one to do it again."

Official or not, we think he's kind of awesome. Can we hire him to announce us at our next business meeting?

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