Wade Robson's new child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson may have an interesting -- and shady -- tie to AEG Live.

Jackson's longtime trial attorney, Tom Mesereau, claims that Robson's accusations are suspiciously timed in conjunction with the lawsuit between AEG Live and Katherine Jackson.

"I find it very curious that this claim has arisen in the middle of Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's children's civil trial against AEG," Mesereau said. "AEG's lawyer got up in his opening statement in that courtroom and said it was going to get ugly, suggesting he's going to try and vilify [Michael's reputation]."

Mesereau also points out that Robson's allegations directly contradict his testimony in Jackson's 2005 criminal trial, in which Robson testified that Jackson never once molested him. He now says he had "repressed memories" -- but Mesereau ain't buyin' it.

"I don't know who's influencing him one way or the other; I don't know why he's been induced to apparently change his very strong and very powerful [previous] testimony," the attorney said. "And remember, he didn't just give testimony in the courtroom. He did some interviews after the trial where he said nothing ever happened."

Meanwhile, sources told TMZ that Robson suffered a mental breakdown that led to his molestation memories magically resurfacing ... and apparently the breakdown also left him broke, something Mesereau alludes to in his video.

Still, Robson's family assures that while he's not currently earning any income (he apparently had a meltdown around March 2011, leaving him unable to fulfill his professional obligations and driving him into seclusion), he has more than enough savings to tide himself over.

His lawyer Harvey Gradstein echoes these claims, telling the site, "On a career trajectory that was off the charts, [Wade] collapsed under the stress and sexual trauma of what had happened to him for seven years as a child ... he lived with the brainwashing by a sexual predator until the burden of it all crushed him."

Gradstein says that Jackson told Robson that if anyone ever knew what happened between them, they'd both "go to jail" and their lives would be "ruined forever."

"This kind of intimidation of a child by a sexual predator is tragically characteristic and effective," Gradstein said, "keeping them quiet about the abuse -- often for a lifetime."

For good measure, he also called the late Jackson a "monster" and says that the "Jackson money machine won't work this time."

But we bet the Gradstein money machine will try its hardest to compensate.

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