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10 ‘Mission: Impossible’ Facts You Might Not Know
Mission: Impossible is a pretty action-packed film. But, for all its action, would you believe that Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hawke never once fires a gun? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to check out the rest of the facts packed into the latest episode of You Think You Know Movies,…
Tom Cruise vs. Johnny Depp: Swoon-Off
When it comes to Hollywood royalty, no one commands attention on the silver screen quite like Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp. With decades of successful films under their belts, these leading men have proved time and time again they are more than just handsome faces with perfectly chiseled jawlines...
Words of Wisdom
If you're wondering where Tom Cruise has been during the recent Scientology brouhaha with Leah Remini, wonder no more: He was the surprise commencement speaker at a Santa Monica, Calif., acting school's commencement over the weekend.
Between the Sheets
Cher appeared on Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live' last night (June 27) and dished about her famous lovers in a special segment cheekily named 'Truth or Cher.' And in case you didn't know, former boyfriend Tom Cruise ranks pretty high on her sexytime list.
And you though…
Russell Brand is a comedic genius, albeit one who's utterly insane.
Proof? Last night, April 16, he went on 'Conan' and talked about, among other things, a foursome with the Kardashians, how he'd sleep with Jennifer Lawrence (who wouldn't?), using hypnotism to stop his sexual…
Lined Up
Tom Cruise stopped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Thursday to promote his upcoming sci-fi flick 'Oblivion.' But it wasn't all fun and games -- while he was there, Jimmy made him prove his acting prowess.
Big Surprise
Someone finally asked Tom Cruise about his relatively sudden divorce from Katie Holmes, and he was, to quote Blanche Devereaux, "stunned -- just stunned."
That makes one of us. Out of the entire planet. And maybe those alien planets he believes in.
There's bound to be some underwear dancing going on after Tom Cruise's 2009 wiretapping case was finally dismissed in a Los Angeles courtroom earlier this week.
Suited Up
When the gossip magazine Life & Style claimed Tom Cruise had abandoned his daughter Suri following his divorce from Katie Holmes, Tom lawyered up like Tom does and fired back a $50 million lawsuit for libel, defamation of character and invasion of privacy because he clearly doesn't know…
Cruise Control
Tom Cruise was willing to participate in a deposition pertaining to allegations he was involved in wiretapping someone's phone -- as long as his testimony never sees the light of day and is kept in a box guarded by fire-breathing dragons inside a castle surrounded by a lake of fire.
Well, pretty…
Cruise Control
Tom Cruise better be able to bounce a quarter off the sheets after his staff makes his bed or there will be hell to pay. And don't even make him remind you that dinner is at 17:00 sharp.
This is according to Radar Online, which is claiming that Cruise is a crazed dictator who runs his home like a boo…
Once upon a time in Hollywood, a vertically-challenged actor named Tom Cruise married a beautiful statuesque actress named Nicole Kidman and they lived happily ever after -- until they didn't.
Since their divorce more than a decade ago, Kidman hasn't said much publicly about the union, either because…
Tased + Confused
Let this be a warning to all neighbors of Tom Cruise: Do not drunkenly wander onto his property if you'd rather not be electrocuted.
Tom Cruise does not appreciate your shenanigans.
You've Been Served
Hurt by accusations from both Life & Style and In Touch magazines, Tom Cruise is suing for $50 million against claims that he abandoned his daughter Suri after divorcing Katie Holmes.
Possibly because he's under the misconception that those rags report actual news.

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