Once upon a time in Hollywood, a vertically-challenged actor named Tom Cruise married a beautiful statuesque actress named Nicole Kidman and they lived happily ever after -- until they didn't.

Since their divorce more than a decade ago, Kidman hasn't said much publicly about the union, either because she's classy or because the Scientologists made her sign a 10-year contract of silence. (We made that up, but it's delicious so we're running with it. See you in court, Tom.)

Now that she's allowed to speak freely, she's already said Cruise is kinda lousy in bed. And there's apparently more to share.

In a recent interview with DuJour magazine, Kidman recalls meeting Cruise on the set of their 1989 film 'Days of Thunder,' where she fell “madly, passionately in love” with her co-star, admitting, "I was reeling with Tom. I would have gone to the ends of the earth for him."

Married life was pretty co-dependent, though, since they lived “in a bubble ... just the two of us,” and relied on each other for everything.

After their divorce in 2001, Kidman doubted that she would ever love again, but all that changed five years later when she met her current husband, country-star Keith Urban.

She's much happier now, of course, with two biological bouncing baby girls and a theton-free existence. "Before, I was running away from life," she said. "Now I embrace it. You never know how long you have. So I cherish every minute."

For what it's worth, the 45-year-old Kidman is also apparently a lovely person -- when she eats on-set, she always grabs enough for her assistant too, and her own bodyguard told DuJour she's "the nicest lady I've ever had to watch ... I would kill for her."

So if you're thinking of stalking her, you know, we wouldn't recommend it.

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