Stacy Keibler

Three's a Crowd
Yesterday a rumor started circling the interwebs alleging that George Clooney was trying to get with Eva Longoria even before he split from now ex-girlfriend Stacy Keibler. The story is a celeb-watcher's dream, but alas, it's untrue. At least according to Longoria herself.
School of Drama
You can stop planning that Lifetime movie you were going to make about the recent George Clooney/Stacy Keibler split. Apparently, it was pretty lame. There was no throwing of jewelry or dishware, no screaming, no gnashing of teeth. There haven’t even been any nasty rumors started about who did what to whom. Keibler says there's a good reason for that: The former couple parted ways amicably with no
Wait, What?
As we previously reported, George Clooney and Stacy Keibler are dunzo (hey, we warned you), and now reports are saying that the split was a long time coming -- mostly because the intimacy was long gone. (That sound you hear is the "George Clooney is secretly gay!" rumor mill firing back up.)
Expiration Date
Sounds like Stacy Keibler and George Clooney are on their way to splitsville, with the silver fox once again reclaiming his Bachelor of the Millennium title. (We might have made up that honorary.)
Stacy Keibler Without Makeup
Actress, retired professional wrestler and George Clooney love interest Stacy Keibler arrived at Miami International Airport in 2008, showing off her flawless skin. She already has Clooney, what more does she want? Probably world domination...