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10 Outrageous Hollywood Lawsuits
In the U.S., you can sue someone for just about anything. Whether or not you can win, of course, is another story entirely, and even being a rich, powerful celebrity doesn't always guarantee a victory.
With that in mind, we found 10 of the most outrageous lawsuits in recent Hollywood history -- in a …
10 Celebrity Cougars: Famous Women + Their Hot Younger Men
Older guys are practically expected to hook up with hot younger women (case in point: octogenarian Hugh Hefner's wedding to a 26-year-old earlier this year). When it's the ladies who hook up with younger partners, it seems to attract more attention -- but fortunately, that hasn't stopped a whole lot…
Race-Motivated Scene Sparks Bad Memories for Mariah Carey
In the new movie 'The Butler,' Mariah Carey plays the sharecropper mother of an African-American man who would later serve as the White House butler for more than three decades. But while Mariah's character is raped in the film, that wasn't even the scene that disturbed her most.
That honor went to a…
Heel-ing Up
Mariah Carey teeter-tottered, then toppled over in her stilettos as high as her most upper octave -- and ended up in the hospital.
'Idol' Hands
In case anyone had any doubts, both Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj confirmed their exits from 'American Idol' last night (May 30).
Dem Other Babies
Mariah Carey may be a diva, but hell if she hasn't earned the right to the title.
The multi-octave former 'American Idol' judge may have ripped her Versace gown on 'Good Morning America,' but she also recovered from it like only Mimi can -- with a husky giggle and sass.
Cleaning House
Mariah Carey might not be the only one out of a job at 'American Idol.' If one report is to be believed, the show plans on doing some serious housecleaning during which all four judges will be axed in an attempt to quell the program's bleeding ratings.
Neener Neener
Nicki Minaj keeps poking at the sore spot that is fellow 'American Idol' panelist Mariah Carey, this time by posing with rumored replacement judge Jennifer Lopez at last night's Met Gala.
Mariah's Had Enough
'American Idol' judge Mariah Carey is rumored to be fed up with her ongoing feud with fellow judge Nicki Minaj, who called the singer "bitter" and "insecure" on her Twitter account following a brief tiff on the show on May 1.
However, if she does bail (sh…
On April 30, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary by renewing their vows, just like they did last year (apparently it's super hard to remember them otherwise).
Diva Swap
In an effort to boost failing ratings, the producers of 'American Idol' supposedly had devious plans to replace Mariah Carey halfway through this season with former judge Jennifer Lopez.
Until Mimi lawyered up, that is.
Style Breakdown
Mariah Carey's voice is unmistakable -- and so is her signature style.
The high-octave diva has gone up and down with her weight over the years, but she doesn't always adjust her sizes or clothing choices to fall in line with her changing shape. However, when Mimi is on, she's on.
More Shade
Mariah Carey already threw some major shade at Nicki Minaj during her Barbara Walters interview, but now the ladies are struggling not to throw chairs at one another onstage.
At a recent 'American Idol' press conference, Mimi and the Harajuku Barbie complimented one another -- and sounded r…
No Sunscreen Required
Seems that feud (or publicity stunt, depending on your level of cynicism) between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj isn't over just yet, because during a 'Nightline' interview with Barbara Walters, Mariah threw major shade at her fellow 'American Idol' judge.
Meow, indeed.
Wings of Lead
According to Mariah Carey's controlling ex-hubby Tommy Mottola, he just wanted to make the singer a star and she should be thanking him for all her success because after all, he kept her in the prettiest prison ever.
So says his new memoir 'Hitmaker,' which proves the former Sony Musi…

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