Mariah Carey may be a diva, but hell if she hasn't earned the right to the title.

The multi-octave former 'American Idol' judge may have ripped her Versace gown on 'Good Morning America,' but she also recovered from it like only Mimi can -- with a husky giggle and sass.

While Mimi was lamenting having to wake up early to 'GMA' hostess Lara Spencer, she suddenly interjected with what some mistook for a profanity. "Oh, shoot," Mimi frowned. "Now the back of my dress just popped!"

The gloriously voluptuous Carey quickly moved her arms to cover her girls, addressing the gown's designer by saying, "I love you, Donatella, but it popped, darling."

The '#Beautiful' singer kept talking in hopes of drawing attention away from her most pneumatic assets. "I just wanted to change the ensem," she said, turning to Spencer. "What should we call this, the Central Park Saga? It seems like it's several moments, a YouTube moment, possibly Spotify, even!"

We're not sure Carey quite grasps Spotify, but she's charming nonetheless.

Spencer and Carey were both troopers, with Spencer going to break and holding up the front of Carey's gown while the singer's team attempted to repair the back.

Pro tip for the future, Mimi? Size up, tailor down.

Mariah Carey Split Dress GMA

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