Older guys are practically expected to hook up with hot younger women (case in point: octogenarian Hugh Hefner's wedding to a 26-year-old earlier this year). When it's the ladies who hook up with younger partners, it seems to attract more attention -- but fortunately, that hasn't stopped a whole lot of celebrity women from doing it anyway.

Below you'll find some of the most noteworthy cougar couplings in Hollywood, listed in order by their age difference -- from nine years to more than 30.

Julianne Moore + Bart Freundlich (age gap: 9 years)

The redheaded porcelain beauty, who's 52, and her 43-year-old director husband got together in 1996, but they didn't wed until seven years (and two children) later. "Sometimes you'll see Bart just looking at her with a huge grin on his face," celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes explained. "Age isn't an issue. She's so young and vibrant. You know that energy you see from her on screen? She's 10 times more so at home."

Julianne Moore Bart Freundlich
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Mariah Carey + Nick Cannon (age gap: 10 years)

Mariah, 43, dated Nick (who'll be 33 in October) for just six weeks before marrying him in 2008. Since then, they've had twins and a few more weddings -- they renew their vows annually, and this year they shut down Disneyland to do it. "We started naming our children [the day we met], so we really clicked,” Carey once told Barbara Walters. “He’s a really fun guy and I love that quality in a person.”

Mariah Carey Nick Cannon
Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Demi Moore + Ashton Kutcher (age gap: 15 years)

In the most famous cougar coupling of the modern age, Demi and Ashton wed in 2005, and split after he was caught cheating on her in 2011. But even with all the negative press, neither of them made any moves to legally end the marriage until late last year, when Ashton, 35, finally filed for divorce. Demi filed a response in March of 2013, and their lawyers are still working out just how much money she'll get.

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore
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Robin Wright + Ben Foster (age gap: 15 years)

Wright (she'll always be Princess Buttercup to us), 47, took up with 32-year-old 'X-Men: The Last Stand' actor Ben Foster last year. The pair co-starred in 2011's 'Rampart,' but didn't take their romance public until just a few months ago when they walked their first red carpet together. “Robin calls Ben an ‘old soul,'” an insider reportedly said. "She even jokes that she feels like the younger one.”

Robin Wright Ben Foster
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Jennifer Lopez + Casper Smart (age gap: 18 years)

Fresh off her 2011 split from third husband Marc Anthony, J. Lo -- who just turned 44 -- hooked up with Casper, one of her much younger backup dancers. Everyone assumed it was just a rebound fling, but two years later, they're still going strong. "He's adorable. But you already see that," the 'American Idol' judge told Vogue. "He's a good egg. I don't want to talk about it too much. It's my private thing."

Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart
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Kathy Griffin + Randy Bick (age gap: 19 years)

The 52-year-old celebrity sniper and her 33-year-old marketing manager beau have been an item since meeting at a Los Angeles food festival in 2012. “He’s a really nice normal guy who doesn't care for the spotlight, and I like it that way,” the comedienne revealed last year. “And he does too.”

Kathy Griffin Randy Bick
Pacific Coast News

Sharon Stone + Martin Mica (age gap: 28 years)

After meeting 27-year-old Argentine model Martin Mica at a Vogue party in April of 2012, the 55-year-old 'Basic Instinct' star began dating him and they've been (mostly) together ever since. A couple months ago, the NY Post reported Stone had moved on and is now dating Hamptons hotelier Michael Wudyka, but even if that's true, he's almost a decade her junior -- so she still hasn't lost her cougar card.

Sharon Stone Martin Mica
Todd Oren, Getty Images

Madonna + Brahim Zaibat (age gap: 29 years)

The 55-year-old pop icon has always been drawn to younger men -- and they keep getting younger. First hubby Sean Penn was two years her junior, she had nine years on second husband Guy Ritchie, and she's almost three decades older than her current boyfriend, 26-year-old backup dancer Brahim Zaibat. "I've never really lived a conventional life," she said last year. "So I think it's quite foolish for me or anyone else to start thinking that I am going to start making conventional choices."

Madonna Brahim Zaibat
Pacific Coast News

Susan Sarandon + Jonathan Bricklin (age gap: 32 years)

Susan is 12 years older than longtime partner Tim Robbins, and when they split in 2010, the 66-year-old actress took up with someone even younger: Her 30-something business partner Jonathan Bricklin (she's an investor in the SPiN ping pong clubs he helped found). "I don't go by age, I go by the soul of a person," Sarandon said during an appearance on 'The View' last year. "I think that when you really love a person, the age thing, the gender, the color, none of that matters. It's really beyond that."

Susan Sarandon Jonathan Bricklin
Eugene Gologursky, Getty Images

Joan Collins + Percy Gibson (age gap: 33 years)

For her fifth and current husband, the erstwhile Alexis Carrington chose theatrical company manager Percy Gibson, who was just 36 when they wed in 2002 -- younger than one of Joan's adult children. "I've always felt age shouldn't be a chronological issue," the now 80-year-old actress (who still looks freaking phenomenal) told Hello! magazine. "I know that I look and act a lot younger than I am. I'm much more secure in myself than many girls in their 20s."

Joan Collins Perry Gibson
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