'American Idol' judge Mariah Carey is rumored to be fed up with her ongoing feud with fellow judge Nicki Minaj, who called the singer "bitter" and "insecure" on her Twitter account following a brief tiff on the show on May 1.

However, if she does bail (she won't bail), it won't happen before she's had time to promote her new single. That would just be silly.

A source for FOX News says Carey threatened to leave last week: "Mariah doesn't want to come back. Nicki is really disrespecting her, and she's tired of trying to bite her tongue all the time."

"One night Nicki tried to be kind of nice, but Mariah didn't bite, so I guess she figured ‘screw that,'" the source added of the playground antics, which escalated when Nicki kicked sand at Mariah and tugged on her pigtails.

But Nicki may not be the only one having trouble with Mariah -- producers are supposedly upset with her for "not being critical enough of the contestants."

Mimi, meanwhile, will premiere the music video for her new song 'Beautiful' on Wednesday (May 8). Because as pretty much everyone knows, self-promotion is really the main lure of becoming an 'Idol' judge these days anyway.

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