Mariah Carey has learned her lesson in terms of prancing around in heels higher than Willie Nelson on 4/20.

Carey collapsed in a diva heap after falling over sky-high heels while filming the remix video for '#Beautiful' earlier this month, resulting in a dislocated arm and a new appreciation for less-than-high heels.

"She's feeling a lot better and taking it one day at a time," Carey's unofficial publicist and official husband Nick Cannon told E! News (via TV3).

"She's only in [her heels] when she needs to be in them, like when she had her [Hurricane Sandy relief benefit] concert in Central Park. She's just being very careful."

What? She couldn't sing in flats?

"[She cleans up after the dogs] probably more than I do. She doesn't have any problem with that," Cannon continued. "She loves taking care of her dogs. She's just a regular person."

A regular person with a staircase assistant. Noted.

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