Mariah Carey might not be the only one out of a job at 'American Idol.' If one report is to be believed, the show plans on doing some serious housecleaning during which all four judges will be axed in an attempt to quell the program's bleeding ratings.

A source close to the matter says none of the current judges -- Nicki Minaj, Carey, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson -- will be asked to return for season 13, TheWrap reports.

"All four are gone," said the insider. "['Idol' insiders] feel they've lost their core audience and they want it back."

Each panelist has the option to come back, but the source says FOX plans to cut them all loose, with money playing a factor. Carey allegedly received $18 million for her stint on the show, while Minaj got $12 million, and the insider says the new mantra is "no more big checks for divas."

Yeah, they went there.

Fox broadcasting chairman Kevin Reilly has been tasked with resuscitating the program, replacing the show's current producer, revamping its look and doing away with the hokey "tribute night" episodes. (We like this guy already.)

The network has been in panic mode for a while now, with 'Idol' ratings down 22 percent this season going into the all-important May sweeps -- right as NBC's successful show 'The Voice' steps up the competition.

Bottom line? This has been a long time coming.

A moment of silence for the current judges, please.

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