Lil Wayne

What the What?
Young Money meets family money. Lil Wayne signed Paris Hilton to a record deal on his Young Money label because ... well, we honestly have no idea.
Unaware Weezy
Lil Wayne has suffered a whole lot of seizures lately, possibly stemming from his penchant for sizzurp. But have no fear, Weezy fans -- he feels great. He actually even feels fine during the epileptic episodes, mainly because he can't even feel them happening at all.
Seize the Day
Lil Wayne just can't get a health break these days. Last night (April 30), the epileptic rapper was hospitalized yet again when he suffered another seizure.
On the Mend
Lil Wayne is feeling much better now that he's been released from the hospital after suffering several seizures last week. In fact, he's feeling so good that he made a video thanking everyone for their support and giving his fans some news. Provided you can make sense of it all, of course.
He's Outta There
Lil Wayne was released from the hospital late last night (March 18) following a severe bout of seizures brought on by way too much of Grandpa's old cough medicine -- Grandpa's old prescription cough medicine. The kind with codeine.
Getting Better
Lil Wayne is in the hospital for the sixth straight day, but thankfully his condition is improving. The 'No Worries' MC has been taken out of the intensive care unit.
Day 6
Rapper Lil Wayne is going on day six of his time in the ICU at Cedars-Sinai hospital in L.A. after seizures rendered him unconscious last Wednesday, March 13. Weezy's now on the road to recovery -- this following an overdose of sizzurp that resulted in him reportedly having his stomach pumped three times, after which TMZ practically threw dirt on his body despite assurances from his friends that
Lil Wayne Drama
Reports are coming in that rapper Lil Wayne has once again been admitted to the hospital after suffering from seizures. He had previously been taken in on Tuesday (March 12) while shooting a music video, but was released shortly thereafter. While his friends assure the internet that Wayne is fine, the normally unassailable TMZ basically intimated that he needed to take his last rites. An approach