Lil Wayne was released from the hospital late last night (March 18) following a severe bout of seizures brought on by way too much of Grandpa's old cough medicine -- Grandpa's old prescription cough medicine. The kind with codeine.

TMZ reports that Wayne was released from Cedars-Sinai medical center around 11PM ET, but that his recovery is only just beginning.

Wayne reportedly feels weak and is going to "lie low" until he's completely better. But considering his confidantes say that he needs rehab for his addiction to codeine, that likely won't happen overnight.

Wayne's gradual recovery took a big step yesterday, as he was reported to be eating and walking around the hospital on his own. His conditioned stabilized enough to exit not only the ICU, but the hospital as a whole.

Now all that's left is to conquer his addiction to sizzurp. A word to the wise? If he starts coughing, just hand him a Ricola.

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