Reports are coming in that rapper Lil Wayne has once again been admitted to the hospital after suffering from seizures. He had previously been taken in on Tuesday (March 12) while shooting a music video, but was released shortly thereafter.

While his friends assure the internet that Wayne is fine, the normally unassailable TMZ basically intimated that he needed to take his last rites. An approach which his posse is none too happy about.

Seems TMZ reported Friday night that Weezy was in critical condition and that his family was rushing to the hospital to say their goodbyes, with the rapper shaking uncontrollably in the ICU after his bodyguard found him unconscious on Wednesday (March 13).

The report claims that he possibly overdosed on Sizzurp, a drink made up of soda and prescription codeine syrup.

However, Weezy's friends are tweeting a different story, assuring everyone that Wayne is completely fine, with the rapper himself (or someone via his account) chiming in.

Weezy's friend Mack Maine attacked TMZ directly, telling them, "it's certain s--- you should not talk about or play with if u don't kno what u talking bout....don't deceive the fans or the people"

"and definitely don't try to kill a man before his from the bottom of my soul and on behalf of my fam......F--- YOU" he added in an expletive filled missive. And in one that followed shortly thereafter, he was much more concise, saying simply, "#F---TMZ"

TMZ's most recent update says that Wayne is currently sleeping (despite sending a tweet) and doctors say he's "stabilizing," but his prognosis is still unknown.

What we're saying is we don't really know what's going on here, but we'll let you know when we do.

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