After the Friday night medical drama that saw rapper Lil Wayne in the hospital for a second time in a week -- with TMZ saying he was pretty much dead and his friends saying otherwise -- sources now say that while Weezy is a'ight, his love of sizzurp is doing him no favors.

"TMZ was so off base. Wayne is fine," an insider told Us Weekly. "He drank too much sizzurp to get a better high. He needs rehab but he's not close to death or anything. He's fine and just coming down off the high."

Sizzurp, for the uninitiated, is a cocktail of soda, prescription-strength codeine cough syrup and hard candies. It's beloved by users because it's a cheap high -- but it's also really addictive and, in the right amounts, deadly. Throw some alcohol in the mix and things get even worse.

Lil Wayne is a longtime fan of the concoction (he even rapped an ode to it in his 2008 song 'Me and My Drank'), which could be why he's been having so many seizures in recent months.

No word on any rehab plans for Weezy, but dude. Maybe it's about time to stick to plain soda and kiss the cough syrup goodbye -- before you're the one getting the weepy farewells.

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