Lil Wayne is in the hospital for the sixth straight day, but thankfully his condition is improving. The 'No Worries' MC has been taken out of the intensive care unit.

Sources told TMZ that Weezy's been transferred to a regular room and that his condition is not only stabilizing, but getting better somewhat sooner than expected.

Wayne is eating and walking around on his own and is expected to be released in the relatively near future.

Lil Wayne suffered a severe bout of seizures as the result of a suspected sizzurp (read: codeine) overdose on Friday night (March 15). Initial reports suggested he was near death, though those tales have been disputed by his team, friends and confidantes.

Weezy's stomach reportedly had to be pumped three times to get all of the prescription-strength cough medicine out of his system, though those reports have neither been confirmed nor denied by his camp.

Here's hoping Wayne has a speedy and lasting recovery -- not just from his seizures, but from his rumored addiction.

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