Lil Wayne is feeling much better now that he's been released from the hospital after suffering several seizures last week.

In fact, he's feeling so good that he made a video thanking everyone for their support and giving his fans some news. Provided you can make sense of it all, of course.

He starts things off in the video (made on March 20) by expressing gratitude for the comments and prayers that helped get him through his time in the ICU.

Oh, and just in case you forgot, his new album drops March 26. Those hospital bills need to be paid, after all.

Also, he's still going on tour with some of his bestest buds, including T.I. -- who stops by the impromptu talk show to yell and/or rant incomprehensibly about BBQ on July 4 and an upcoming show on July 5.

Throughout, Weezy has a lollipop. So obvs, his doctor thought he was a really good boy and rewarded him accordingly.

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