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Celebrity Couples Who Got Married Without Prenups
While it's probably more common than not for celebrities to legally protect their money before walking down the aisle, many say "I don't" when it comes to prenups. Sometimes it's because they got married well before fame and fortune came to call, sometimes it's …
Jessica Simpson Gives Birth to Baby Boy
Jessica Simpson is a mom again! A little over a year after giving birth to her firstborn, daughter Maxwell Drew, the singer, actress and fashionista has welcomed her second child, son Ace Knute Johnson. The little tyke was born today, Sunday, June 30.
Ancient History
Jessica Simpson, who hasn't spoken to her ex-husband Nick Lachey in six years, is reportedly furious that Lachey went on Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live' and told anyone with cable that Joe Simpson used to grab his ass at family functions.
See, it's funny because it totally …
Chelsea on 'Conan'
Chelsea Handler, host of 'Chelsea Lately,' went on 'Conan' to talk to Conan O'Brien about their recent nude shower sketch -- which Handler credits as putting O'Brien on the sexy map -- and a run-in with Jessica Simpson's baby shower.
Sisterly Love
We almost forgot that Ashlee Simpson was famous, but apparently the younger Simpson sister is maintaining relevance through the nepotism that got her here in the first place and latching onto big sis Jessica for support.
Seems Ashlee's partying has reportedly gotten so out of control that Papa Joe an…
Beware the Weiner
Jessica Simpson remained adorable and candid in a sitdown with Jimmy Kimmel to promote 'Fashion Star,' and she revealed more than she bargained for -- including the sex of her baby -- in her typically charming, foot-in-mouth fashion.
Aces Wild
Upcoming two-time mama Jessica Simpson seems determined to spawn a collection of oddly-named babies. After giving her first child (a girl) the male moniker of Maxwell Drew, she's now thinking about calling her second child Ace.
Thus predestining the kid to be a race car driver. Or a high-stakes poker…
Lofty Ambitions
Gwyneth Paltrow, tired of raking in millions to be one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood, would rather focus her time on building her own empire of expensive things no one really needs. Just like Jessica Simpson.
Mea Culpa
Seems there's a lot of ice skating going on in hell these days, because serial-dater John Mayer finally admitted he exhibited some douche-like behavior to his former lady loves Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift.
Sex Ed 101
As you probably know by now, Jessica Simpson is pregnant again, but it's totally not her fault. Her egg was just sitting there minding its own business when fiance Eric Johnson's sperm rudely decided to inseminate it without even asking.
And that's how babies are made. Thanks, Jess!
Womb with a View
Pretty much everyone already knew that Jessica Simpson blew her deal with Weight Watchers by getting herself knocked up again mere minutes after shedding the weight she gained from her first pregnancy earlier this year.
But for those of you who didn't know, now you have your confirmation.

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