Remember when Joe Simpson made all those creepy remarks about daughter Jessica Simpson's rack? And how you "can't cover those suckers up"? Turns out he might be right.

The perpetually pregnant Simpson is currently in Hawaii on vacation with her perma-fiance Eric Johnson and their baby girl, Maxwell. She also took her girls on the trip.

No, we don't mean BFF Cacee Cobb and sis Ashlee (though the latter did make a cameo on the beach). We're talking about her boobies.

Simpson posted the photo at left with the caption, "Fun in the sun..." (She's indoors, but this IS the same woman who thought buffalo wings were made from actual buffaloes.)

And apparently Simpson's sunglasses are made of iron and lead, because they're dragging her tunic down far enough to expose one really big reason Johnson probably loves her preggers.

Seriously, her bikini top is doing more work than her sister and her fiancee get in a year.

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